planning my first interview

For my first interview I will be interviewing a friend of a friend. I am going to try my hardest to be as unbiased as I can be. I do not know this guy’s name at all, I’ve just seen him on my friends social media. They are both members of Hillsborough Community College’s (HCC) chorus.

I am not quite sure exactly what I will be asking hime yet but I believe that I am going to ask him questions about the college’s chorus and what they do in the rehearsals, what he is majoring in at HCC, what university he plans to go to, if h even wants to expand his education, and lastly (for now) what he plans to do with his major at a the end of his college career.

2 thoughts on “planning my first interview”

  1. Hey Daniela,
    I can see how it would be tough to try not to be biased in interviews like that because they have a friend in common. But I think that it is pretty interesting that you are interviewing another student because it would be nice to see what other majors are like. It would also be interesting because we can learn more about their chorus department because, at least for me, i don’t really know that much about the chorus team here. Good luck with your interview!


  2. I have watched some of the school chorus performed and they are amazing from beginning to end, they synchronize to perfection. I would suggest for you to ask what got him to be in chorus and how long hes been doing it.wis you the best of luck.


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