blog 5

My story will generally be about global warming. I will get into depth about what global warming is and what it looks like around the world. I am writing my story on this topic because global warming has been a popular topic in the world for as long as i can remember. My topic is timely because the earth shows new side effects pretty much everyday. hopefully this topic will be interesting to my peers at HCC. I hope that it can open their eyes to see what our generation is doing to the earth, but also at the same time learn about how they can help save our planet. i’m choosing my mom and dad to be my main human sources because they have both lived in different cities and states around the U.S. In addiction they have also traveled around the world and have experienced how other countries keep their environments clean. To make this a complete story I will need to do my research and learn about what people around the U.S. and the rest of the world do to do their part in keeping the earth beautiful and healthy. While interviewing my mom I would ask her specifically how the forests and beaches were like when she lived in Puerto Rico. On the other hand i will ask my dad about the years he spent living in New York City. I will ask about the air quality in the city from the years he lived there compared to the wire quality in Florida now. To make sure my story is reliable I will need to do some more research to make sure I have correct information.

3 thoughts on “blog 5”

  1. hey Daniela,
    I think that this is a very important topic to talk about. Global warming has become an issue more and more as time progressed. People need to understand what Global warming can cause and how it can negatively impact the world. Also I like that you will be talking about what other people are doing, and it may get HCC students to do the same. Good luck!


  2. Hi Daniela,
    The topic you choose has to be one of the most important things going on in todays world. Global warming has been a huge issue that is not talked on much or is often ignored, so it makes me happy to see you have decided to write this story based on that. I definitly believe in teaching others or even showing them impacts global warming has had on Earth could help on spreading out the word. I like the choose you made of choosing different citites and locations especially beaches to prove your point for your story. Best of luck, can not wait to see all that you have gathered!


  3. Hey Daniela,
    I like the idea that your topic is very worldly, as in it it pertains to the whole world and not just one area. Given that global warming is such a recurring issue that many people have different opinions on it. It would nice to hear what your parents, who have been to different parts of the world will think about the issue and what your conclusion of global warming will be.I hope your story goes well!


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