blog 7: photo journalism project

Looking at the sample stories provided in the assignment description for this blog, I found a sample story that I really liked and wanted to kind of latch onto. The story that caught my eye is Coffee Houses in New York City, I liked the way all of the photos looked and the vibrance and saturation in them. I know that most coffee shops have that kind of glow i am guessing to set the mood. Im hopping for this project that I can do a photo project on on of my friends that works at the Blind Tiger Cafe here in Ybor and what it is like to work at a really popular coffee shop in town. I hope that while I work on this project that I can capture photos that kind of mimic the ones in the New York Times article. 

New York Times Coffee Houses story :

1 thought on “blog 7: photo journalism project”

  1. Hey Daniela,
    Your story sounds like a total vibe. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coffee! I live in plant city, where there isn’t much to explore. Most times that I am exploring my Instagram new feed i come across pictures of cute coffee shops that look so artistic and they totally catch my eye. I am excited to see how your story goes, and I am very excited to try this coffee show some day. Good luck!


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