blog 8: Hyperlocal News

Hyperlocal journalism is can sometimes be called micro local journalism since this kind of reporting only refers to the local community.

After looking at 3 different hyperlocal news sites I found that they are pretty much all the same. most of them have different links of locations within a neighborhood where you can learn about what can do around the neighborhood, what events are going on, and news like mayor elections and lawbreaking news.

Hyperlocal news sites have a login common with community newspapers. the only difference is that one gets printed then dispersed and the other is just online.

While I read the different sites I noticed that the articles are written by the citizens of the town, which means they probably do not get paid to write for the hyperlocal site.

2 thoughts on “blog 8: Hyperlocal News”

  1. Hey Daniela,
    In the hyper local news because it’s a non profit organization, those that write the articles do not get paid. People volunteer to write stories about their neighborhood, stories that they think should be read. I hope that this does not go away any time soon because it emphasizes the writers dedication for writing and kindness.


  2. Hey Daniela,
    I had pretty much the same experience when researching Hyperlocal News. But i didn’t realize that most of the news were written by citizens, which is also really interesting. Also i agree with what you said about them not being payed as much. Due to the fact that some of the hyperlocal news depend on ads and sponsors, which is why there are not a lot of them.


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