Blog 9: My Exploration of is a website where journalists that work for newsy upload news stories in the forego videos. they also add a transcript of the video below if you are old fashioned and want to read your news instead of watch it. the videos are are a fun and easy way to get most of your news. the videos can definitely help people understand what is happening in the news . especially young people or technology efficient people.

2 thoughts on “Blog 9: My Exploration of”

  1. Hey Daniela,
    I agree with what you said about news. Its such a great site for people who don’t really want to read the news, but they can view it. which i find helpful because i know many people who don’t really like reading articles, but this is a big help for people to better understand the news as well. Like you mentioned.


  2. Hey Daniela,
    I agree that this website is great for those who don’t like to read news. Many of us find visuals to be a lot easier or funnier to access the news. Newsy has a variety of different topics and shows their news by using videos. I agree that this website is probably best fit for younger people or those into technology.


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