Blog 9: My Exploration of is a website where journalists that work for newsy upload news stories in the forego videos. they also add a transcript of the video below if you are old fashioned and want to read your news instead of watch it. the videos are are a fun and easy way to get most of your news. the videos can definitely help people understand what is happening in the news . especially young people or technology efficient people.

blog 8: Hyperlocal News

Hyperlocal journalism is can sometimes be called micro local journalism since this kind of reporting only refers to the local community.

After looking at 3 different hyperlocal news sites I found that they are pretty much all the same. most of them have different links of locations within a neighborhood where you can learn about what can do around the neighborhood, what events are going on, and news like mayor elections and lawbreaking news.

Hyperlocal news sites have a login common with community newspapers. the only difference is that one gets printed then dispersed and the other is just online.

While I read the different sites I noticed that the articles are written by the citizens of the town, which means they probably do not get paid to write for the hyperlocal site.

blog 7: photo journalism project

Looking at the sample stories provided in the assignment description for this blog, I found a sample story that I really liked and wanted to kind of latch onto. The story that caught my eye is Coffee Houses in New York City, I liked the way all of the photos looked and the vibrance and saturation in them. I know that most coffee shops have that kind of glow i am guessing to set the mood. Im hopping for this project that I can do a photo project on on of my friends that works at the Blind Tiger Cafe here in Ybor and what it is like to work at a really popular coffee shop in town. I hope that while I work on this project that I can capture photos that kind of mimic the ones in the New York Times article. 

New York Times Coffee Houses story :

blog 6

For my second story I would like to write is an informational story on the top few places to see a tulip field. I chose this because tulips are my favorite type of flowers and ever since my boyfriend sent me them on valentine’s day, my obsession grew for them. I knew that tulip farms were a thing and I have seen how colorful the farm looks in pictures, but I never knew exactly when and where I could see this beautiful field of color. After some research I learned that the season to visit these tulip farms is coming up, the farms are open to the public from late March to mid-April. Sadly, I did not find that there were any in Florida. The best farms I found were located on the west coast and in the south of the United States. My plan is to be able to go to the west coast and visit the colorful farms without missing school or anything important. 

blog 5

My story will generally be about global warming. I will get into depth about what global warming is and what it looks like around the world. I am writing my story on this topic because global warming has been a popular topic in the world for as long as i can remember. My topic is timely because the earth shows new side effects pretty much everyday. hopefully this topic will be interesting to my peers at HCC. I hope that it can open their eyes to see what our generation is doing to the earth, but also at the same time learn about how they can help save our planet. i’m choosing my mom and dad to be my main human sources because they have both lived in different cities and states around the U.S. In addiction they have also traveled around the world and have experienced how other countries keep their environments clean. To make this a complete story I will need to do my research and learn about what people around the U.S. and the rest of the world do to do their part in keeping the earth beautiful and healthy. While interviewing my mom I would ask her specifically how the forests and beaches were like when she lived in Puerto Rico. On the other hand i will ask my dad about the years he spent living in New York City. I will ask about the air quality in the city from the years he lived there compared to the wire quality in Florida now. To make sure my story is reliable I will need to do some more research to make sure I have correct information.

Interview Preparation

To prepare for my interview, I made sure I had all of the questions typed out so that during the interview I didn’t waste time trying to understand my terrible writing. In the beginning Dakota (the student is was interviewing) was running a little bit late but I understood because I don’t know a college student that is not cramming to fit things into their busy schedule. I selected Dakota to be the person I interviewed for this because I felt a little more comfortable speaking to someone in my age group and someone that one of my close friends know. Dakota is the Vice President of the bowling club at his college, Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). We talked about how he manages to balance the responsibility of being an officer on a soon to be college team, good grades, and social life.

planning my first interview

For my first interview I will be interviewing a friend of a friend. I am going to try my hardest to be as unbiased as I can be. I do not know this guy’s name at all, I’ve just seen him on my friends social media. They are both members of Hillsborough Community College’s (HCC) chorus.

I am not quite sure exactly what I will be asking hime yet but I believe that I am going to ask him questions about the college’s chorus and what they do in the rehearsals, what he is majoring in at HCC, what university he plans to go to, if h even wants to expand his education, and lastly (for now) what he plans to do with his major at a the end of his college career.

about me

Hi I’m daniela, i am 18 years old and I am currently a student at Hillsborough Community College. I am working towards my Associates in Arts on the track of Mass Communications.

I am the third girl out of four in my family. I spend most of my free time with them, going to the mall or out to eat. When I am not hanging out with them I am usually at school or at making money at the converse outlet store. converse are my favorite shoes, and working there has only made my obsession grow more.

When I bring together my hard earned money from work that I saved I like to take weekend trips to the beach or go to concerts with some friends. I’ve been going to the beach and concerts on the weekends for as long as I can remember.

I have hopes to enjoy my first experience of blogging, thanks for reading!